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About Funk'd.

celebrating all things funky and fermented

Funk’d Fest is the first fermentation festival in Asia (that we know of, at least!) dedicated to all things fermented. Most people don't realise it but fermentation is everywhere, especially here in Asia. From beers to fish sauce to kimchi to kombucha to cheese. Come join in us this funky weekend as we showcase and celebrate various local and imported produce, and get involved in workshops and tastings conducted by fermentation experts.



If you're a brewing enthusiast, we've got good news! We'll be hosting 2 competitions - The Great Singapore Brew-Off (in its second edition) and the inaugural Asia Kombucha Brew-Off. They are not quite the same although there is a common objective to raise the awareness and proficiency of brewing in Singapore and the region. Find out more.


About Fermentation.

We like to say, fresh isn't always best. Try some refreshing yoghurt or spicy kimchi, or everyone's favourite beers and wines. In the good old days fermentation was a way to preserve foods. It's the process of using microorganisms such as bacteria or yeast to convert carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids under anaerobic conditions.

Well today we want to celebrate how fermentation is used for varied foods and drinks to change flavours for the better. Studies have also found benefits to fermenting food like improving food digestion and the reinforcement for good gut bacteria. Find out more at Funk'd Fest!


The Organiser

Organised by Temple Cellars bottleshop and bar - Singapore's largest craft beer, wine, sake and spirits retailer. We pride ourselves as the leading tastemakers, and champion boutique producers that represent the best quality. 

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