Over 10+ retail vendors, 4 food stall pop ups and 1 libation bar. 

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Retail Marketplace

Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory Pte Ltd

Kwong Woh Hing is a Singapore cultured company that specializes in transforming soybeans and wheat grains into truly first-class natural health and traditionally brewed soy sauce and paste products with a vintage savory mouth taste. We are a 70+ year old sauce factory which still uses traditional processes to ferment our products. Our Soya Sauce for example, takes more than a year to produce, no shortcuts.

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Soya Sauce and Fermented Vinegars

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Situated along Tyrwhitt Road in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore, Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH), which means to 'flourish again’, was home to several metal and hardware companies of the past. The name of the building was collaboratively conceived by the landlord and Papa Palheta, to pay tribute to the hardware heritage of the site and vicinity. Today, CSHH is home to Papa Palheta and having made this our flagship store, Papa Palheta naturally embarks to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience.

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Cold Brew and Cascara Beverages, Coffee Beans, Merchandise

The Sweeet Stuff

A variety of fermented products made in Singapore. 


Tempeh and Sourdough Bread


Kombuchas made only with botanicals, we work with local farmers and grocers to provide the freshest and exciting probiotic sodas. Improving your health and making your drinks great again! 




100% Plant based Artisanal Made-In-Singapore Nut Cheeses, Coconut Milk Yoghurt, Chocolate Spread and much more to come. All products are prepared at low temperature to maintain the nutrition, they are Dairy-free, Lactose- free, Gluten-free and Refined Sugar-free.

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100% raw honey produced by our local honey bees, that are APis Cerana and Trigona (Stingless Bee). All honey are harvested from our own beehives.



Marzo Heat

Marzo Heat is an artisanal hot sauce. It is made in small batches, using SE Asian peppers and imported spices and herbs. Our sauce incorporates the Asian love for all things hot and spicy as well as the use of high quality vinegar, which reflects my Mexican heritage. When used with your favorite foods, we want you to experience these complex layers of taste in Marzo Heat.

Hot Sauces

HomeBrew Co-Op

Co-founded by Neo Say Wee (Neo) and Hsu Chen Kang (CK) in 2014, Homebrew Co-Op is a collective of like-minded homebrew enthusiasts. Through this platform of a 'Co-Operative', homebrewers of any level are encouraged to share ideas and to create a lively homebrew community in Singapore. We believe that the business of homebrewing not only should be professionally conducted but also congruent to the hobby; fun!  Come to HomeBrew Co-Op and share our passion about homebrewing!

The Morgan's Premium Starter kit contains everything you need to make your own Premium beer at home. Morgans has been creating quality brewing systems for over 25 years. Proven methods, superior ingredients and reliable equipment assure you of a consistently great tasting beer EVERY time. The Morgan's Premium Starter Kit contains: 30L fermenter, hydrometer, spoon, bottling valve, beer ingredient kit, Morgan's Body Blend, stick on thermometer, 30 x PET bottles and caps, tap, airlock, Morgan's Sanitizer, Morgan's Carbonation Drops and Complete Brewing instructions.

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HomeBrew Starter Kit


Demochoco is a small-batch chocolatier that looks to the world for seasonal produce in order to incorporate the best into our truffles. The result are treats that excite the palate with flavours both familiar and unexpected.

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Handmade Chocolate Truffles


Dosirak is a modern Bibimbap concept that focuses on the traditional Korean food philosophy of finding flavour, nutrition, and textural balance from nature. One such technique the founders of Korean descent, has mastered was fermenting/pickling. Every ingredient and sauce found at Dosirak is hand-made from scratch with quality ingredients sourced from different parts of Korea.

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Pickles and fermented Korean chili paste


Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, solving the ever-growing dilemma of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking ®’.   

It is based on the distilled non-alcoholic remedies from The Art of Distillation written in 1651, and now repurposed to pioneer a new category of drinks. 

Seedlip is sugar-free, sweetener-free and contains zero calories.



Seedlip Garden 108

Seedlip Spice 94

Inter Rice Asia

Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd was founded in 2008 as a distributor of premium Japanese sake in Singapore. We import high quality Japanese sake from boutique sake breweries in Japan, mainly from the Niigata Prefecture, which prides itself to be "The Burgundy" region in Japan. We aim to educate and increase the appreciation of Japanese sake in Singapore and all over the world, so hop on our adventure of mastering the art of sake!





Meat Smith Little India

Meatsmith Little India, use wood and fire to grill, smoke, char, roast and burn the best ingredients from local Tekka market and around the world. As far as signature dishes go, think of the stuffed suckling pig and whole lamb cooked on the spit, smoked chicken, and beef ribs with an Indian accent. By adding a tandoor oven and spit roaster alongside the southern pride smoker, guests will receive a new experience in American barbecue.

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Lamb Kofta Burgers
Madras Pulled Pork Burgers
Gunpowder Fries

Uncle G's Handmade

Uncle G's Handmade is founded by two engineers who tweaked their crackling roast recipe like a precision experiment project. It's never perfect, there's always room for improvement.

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Roast Pork served with Sauerkraut
Fried Fermented Red Beancurd Pork Soft Bones

The Butcher's Cut

The Butcher's Cut first opened its doors in 2003 and offers a vast selection of fresh gourmet meat products, “ready-to-go” meals and traditional meat lines, as well as an assortment of sauces and condiments to complement any meal.


Chicken Kebabs


Shan's Addiction

Shan's Addiction Chilli is created for PURE chilli lovers. Made from 100% chilli padi and all natural ingredients only. Shan's Addiction Chilli is not for faint hearted - You have been warned!

Another part of Shan's is Shan's Kitchen, a carefully curated selection of foods rich in flavours of authentic tradition. Shan's personal journey with food started by the matriarchs of her family is now a dish lovingly served to all customers. Taste our signature Peranakan Mee Siam and Blue Nasi Lemak and many more... and let them take you back to your Mum's or Grandma's kitchen. Shan's Kitchen, addiction well served.


Shan's Addiction Chilli (Sambal, Belachan & Lime)

Black Pepper Beef

Fish & Chips with Curly Fries & Achar

Butterknife Folk

We handcraft our gelato and sorbets in small batches using only all-natural, premium ingredients and make everything from scratch because we take pride in anything we put our name on. 

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Temple Cellars Pop Up Bar

Hydrate your body and soul with our 8 rotational craft beers on tap, tall drinks, natural wines by the glass and more.

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